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Artful Design

The Vision Behind

Dining, Sandtown
Living Room Remodel
Breakfast Room After
Wall Project
Sandtown Living Room2

My philosophy is simple: walls are spaces for art. Your home should be an expression of your self, not some store-bought version of your lifestyle. My specialty is modern/contemporary: clean lines, lots of light, minimal focus on things which are functional such as drapes, blinds and rugs. Textures and surfaces show subtle and timeless aspects of design so you are not trend chasing. I do not work with specific vendors that have "designer" mark-ups. I learn about you and guide you into choices that you will be happy with for years to come.


I work with your construction crew to implement designs while considering all options. In addition, I work with other local interior designers on elements that are best suited for their specialties. Remote locations are not a problem, so long as we connect and share the same vision.

Specializing in creative wall treatments instead of wallpaper, I focus on how textures and surfaces work with each other so you can have beautiful spaces without having to consider the paste-up and tear-out later. 

Also, I offer small packages like color consulting to help you choose the basic palette for your home. These packages begin at $350.

Being a painter myself, art consulting, as well as placement and framing are something I know innately. I can even create custom paintings for you or take some of your favorite family photographs and turn them into pieces of art using scale and mounting such as the large plexi-glass piece depicted on the walls of the Roundhill Lane home in my portfolio.

Art and design are my life and I take immense pleasure in implementing unique settings that are not only livable, but magazine perfect and comfortable.

Call or e-mail today for a consultation:


call: 707-321-1303 (San Francisco)

call: 812-727-0894 (Bloomington)

Catherine Conlin

continuity from room to room

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