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Paintings & Installations

Color, texture and scale are compelling details for all my work, be it painting, installations, floral design or even music. I paint with a knife and beneath each painting there are usually two or three others buried. 


I learned to paint in oils by Wally Hedrick in California, but have also been painting in acrylic and some encaustic. My paintings require multiple layers of paint. I use palette knives on large canvases and continually scrape back to the previous layer. 

Artist Statement

Each of my paintings has several renditions underneath--each one could stand independently. The stories the finished pieces tell, however, reveal themselves in a lengthy process. I can begin with a concept, a color palette perhaps, or a moment in history where I've shaved my head in disbelief at a political situation, and the best way to express that anger was to slice across the surface with a palette knife in the colors of a shredded flag. People are quick to equate this particular work with Jackson Pollock as if I were naive. But look carefully and you'll notice the splatter is merely there to soften the sharpness of the slice with a filigree. The paint drips down the canvas and then I turn it at that perfect moment. Ultimately, that painting tells the story. Hidden swastikas reveal themselves in ominous foreshadowing. I did not intentionally create them. The process has an intelligence of its own. Another, the most significant piece so far, is horizontal, ultimately it striates the canvas with vivid color, vertically juxtaposing form. It has taken me decades to understand the validity of my work and that I am not the storyteller, merely the conduit.

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This painting was on exhibit in The treasurer's office in the Indiana State House from March 2018 through February 2019 for

Hoosier Women Artists

"Alexander & I"


Acrylic on Canvas

52w" x 28h"

Art Honoree for Hoosier Women Artists 2018

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