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Wiggy Flowers, established in 1992, was one of the first floral web sites on the Internet.

Visionary, Catherine Conlin created the designs, photographed the arrangements, built and maintained the web-site during her entire 13 years as Owner and Sole Proprietor of the business.

During those 13 years Wiggy Flowers created arrangements and styling for more than 600 weddings, parties and events, including San Francisco Symphony and Opera Gala Openings and fundraisers for Rainforest Action Network, Canine Compaions and CCA Spring Fashion Show.

Conlin's work graced paintings from Ellsworth Kelly to Joan Brown. She had the opportunity to with Preston Bailey on a few occasions and her work was displayed in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

She started an affiliated designers program which served as a consortium for like-minded high-end floral designers around the world (WFAD).

Wiggy Flowers Affiliated Desingers hosted an annual symposium and think-tank in San Francisco with an art exhibit featuring the works of involved designers in Melting Point Gallery, San Francisco.

During the day Ms. Conlin made flower arrangements in her 800 sq ft SoMA warehouse studio, and by night made music with her band, Bedtime Story who released DREAM THERAPY in 2004, Written and Prodced by Conlin.

In 2008, Conlin made the choice to give up the business to focus on her art. With her husband, Konstantine Baranov, she has recorded two albums--Catherine Conlin/AWE 2009 and Go South/PARTICLES OF DUST 2011. They are currently finishing up the third album with GIRL WITH A CAMERA. They work together on photography projects as well.

In the past three years she has designed and furnished two San Francisco lofts as well as a San Mateo condominium.

Conlin still keeps her hand in the flower industry acting as visual floral consultant to established designers with thriving businesses, updating web images, branding and spreading the word.

She is working on a book of flowers called "The Invisible Line--Knowing When to Stop", which incorporates her floral design, photography and graphic design skills all with a sub-text of minimalist philosophy and the concept of letting go.


"Born and raised outside of Chicago in a little rust-belt town called Griffith, I came from a big family and as the eldest, had to forge my way...the hard making mistakes.

My mother was perpetually busy with a new home decorating project. On any given day, she was either having ceramic tile installed, hanging paisley wallpaper or building beaded cornices above the girls' beds.

She was, and still remains, a constant stream of creativity, and her home is on the annual garden tour.

When I was two, my grandmother sent me her Kimball spinet piano because of my ability to play by ear. I took lessons, forgot everything I learned and re-taught myself how to read basic classics like Moonlight Sonata.

If you watch family movies, I am chronically doing cartwheels or failed back-flips in the back ground--anything for attention.

Meanwhile peonies, lilacs, lily-of-the-valley, bearded iris and forsythia bushes quietly displayed their beauty in the yard behind me.

I never realized how resplendent those mid-west summers were until I moved to San Francisco. Anyone who has ever left a distinctly seasonal climate for a more temperate one will understand what I mean when I say this.

I learned quickly where the flower market was when I moved to San Francisco and made it a Saturday morning ritual to run there from my south of Market apartment and walk back with an arm full of fresh flowers.

If given a choice, furniture or flowers, there is no doubt I would choose flowers. I am a maximal minimalist who appreciates clean lines and modern architecture designed to show off a single stem of phaleanopsis orchid or a cylinder vase of allium blooms.

Floral design for me is a way of life. It's like breakfast in the morning, the meal you never skip.

My designs range from simple to romantic, but I am convinced they would never be considered over-the-top. Whether it be in photography composition, song-writing, floral or interior design, the one thing I know inherently is where the invisible line is and I make sure never to cross it.

The vase is as important as the flower. The flower is as important as the environment. The environment should be ready to receive the arrangement. " Catherine Conlin 2012


Catherine Conlin holds a Bachelors' Degree in Marketing Management from Indiana University's Kelly School of Business with 42 additional credit hours in English Literature, Creative Writing, Art History, Painting, Clothing Construction and Floral Design. She studied painting with Wally Hedrick and worked as gallery director for Ten 472 Contemporary Art.

Her work has been widely published in Magazines including Florists’ Review, The Knot, Better Homes & Gardens, 7 x 7, San Francisco Magazine and Seattle Style and in blogs including Design Sponge, Style-me-Pretty, Lotus Haus, Apartment Therapy, The Knot and Bella On-line. She was included in the exhibition SF Faces which featured the 100 most influential people in San Francisco.

Her life is structured to practice the art of making things, ephemeral and lasting like a good idea, including music, photography, interiors and floral installation.

She seesk out creative ways not to be bound to one place or a single occupation.


All the floral design work on the “Weddings Page” of this photography site was done by Ms. Conlin .

She has worked with Preston Bailey (NYC), Le Jardin Blanc (Boston, MA) , Robert Fountain (San Francisco ) and Kevin Bradford (Seattle, WA) and Emdond Sasounian (San Mateo, CA).

She has created installations in galleries and museums including San Francisco MoMA, Di Rosa Preserve (Napa Valley, LincArt (San Francisco), Limn Gallery (San Francisco) and Melting Point (San Francisco).

Her work has been displayed in front of original works of art including Ellsworth Kelly, Joan Brown, Wally Hedrick, Peter Farakus and Tammy Bicklel.

Catherine Conlin at Wiggy Flowers Studio, San Francisco Floral Designer and Artist

studio shoot for Design Sponge and Style Me Pretty by Lori Levenfeld of ZOOM Photography, San Francisco, CA